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healthy living
September 2015

Nancy O'Dell's Celebrity Picks

Who doesn’t love to wake up to a freshly made breakfast? Add to that designed by a professional nutritionist to your specific weight goals.

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August 2015

Healthy Dinners Delivered Right to Your Door

Healthy Dinners Delivered Right to Your Door! After a long day of work sometimes the last thing you want to do is prepare a meal.

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us news
July 2015

Don’t Take a Vacation from Healthy Habits

I have several clients who get really stressed out before going on a trip because they're not sure how they'll be able to continue making healthy choices when they're surrounded by delicious food, often served in large quantities, like at buffets. I advise them to try a service like Fresh Diet, which offers delivery of freshly prepared, portion-controlled meals. The food is really flavorful, but it's portioned to promote weight loss. I tell my clients to keep a few containers from their delivery meals and use them while on vacation to help them stick to a reasonable serving of food. It might sound silly, but it helps them savor anything they like within moderation.

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June 2015

Fresh Diet Featured on Fox News

Take the stress out of the "What's for dinner tonight?" equation. Because these meals are pre-portioned you aren't going to overeat and there is less food waste.

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March 2015

11 On-The-Go Snack Ideas That Are Way Better Than Gas Station Food

When you’re traveling, eating options tend to fall into one of two categories: Fast food at the closest highway stop or in your airport terminal, or whatever you remembered to pack with you.

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February 2015

The New Healthy Food Delivery Diets

For each day on Fresh Diet, you’ll get three meals and two snacks that are all calorie- and portion-controlled, so you can drop pounds without any counting. The company has a range of options to choose from—including vegetarian and gluten-free—so you can find meals that work for you. (From $25/day,

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February 2015

6 Food Rules That Help You Reach Your Weight-Loss Goals

On an Internet message board, someone suggested Fresh Diet, a service that delivers gourmet calorie-controlled meals. Starting at $175 a week, it was a whole lot of (reduced-fat) cheddar to drop. But my dad had surprised me with a birthday check a few years back with the instruction to blow it on an indulgence. So I splurged on the $1,200- a- month premium plan, which had a variety of dishes to choose from.

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Life and Style
January 2015

Get Fresh and Fit With Fresh Diet

The methodology behind Fresh Diet consist of a caloric and portioned controlled formula that leads to a nutritionally balanced metabolism. Celebrities like Maria Menounos trust Fresh Diet because they see healthy weight loss results in a short period of time. Trishna Joshi, Lead Nutritionist for Fresh Diet, has many recommendations when it comes to getting fit and losing weight, but one of the most important? Drinking loads of water! "Water truly is your best friend when is comes to weight loss and healthy skin," says Joshi. "High sugar and high caffeine drinks lead to early signs of aging, tooth decay, and impacts your bone health leading to unhealthy cravings among a host of other health issues."

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January 2015

Why You Shouldn't Eat These Foods in Winter

Winter can seem like a real downer after the beginning of the new year; there are no major holidays around the corner, the weather is bleak, and hearty stews have started to feel a bit boring. It can be tempting to try to cure your cold-weather blues by stocking up on bright, cheerful vegetables at the supermarket, but most chefs and dieticians will warn that buying out-of-season produce is usually a waste of money.

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health news
January 2015

Fresh Diet: Food Delivery Program Bringing Weight Loss to You

As diets and weight-loss programs go, Fresh Diet certainly looks like a winner, albeit an expensive one. Established in 2005 by a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef, Fresh Diet is a food delivery service that provides gourmet food in tasty calorie-controlled portions

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healthy women
January 2015

Which Weight-loss Program Works?

Hundreds of thousands more. In fact, there are so many that Americans spend an estimated $42 billion each year on weight-loss foods, products and services. With so many diets out there, and so many people wanting to lose weight, how do you know which diet is right for you?

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April 2012

Fresh Diet Featured on ABC

More and more businesses across the country are reaching out to customers who leave bad reviews online, and they're not always trying to make amends. Sometimes things get nasty.

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January 2012

CBS The Doctors

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September 2011

Reach Your Goal…Without Cooking a Thing!

Want to slim down but never have time to grocery shop or chop? Problem solved! SELF has teamed up with Fresh Diet to deliver three light, filling meals, one snack and one dessert right to your door before 5 A.M. every day (don’t worry, they won’t ring your buzzer). You save time and calories!

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newyork times
August 2011

Fresh Diet was featured on The New York Times.

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access hollywood
March 2011

Healthy Hollywood: Fab Food Friday – Holly Madison Gets Fresh!

Convenience is everything to busy celebs, like Playboy starlet Holly Madison - and the rest of us mere mortals! When Holly, and others celebs like Mila Kunis and Sarah Michelle Gellar, have needed to shed a few pounds fast (yet safely), they have turned to Fresh Diet. It’s one of the hottest on-the-go food plans, which serves yummy, fresh meals – all delivered to your home. It sounds too good to be true. So, I had to try it out! I am always up to lose a few pounds and NOT have to cook for 5 days. Fresh Diet is delivered right to your doorstep (love it). Every morning I woke up to a day’s worth of food – 3 entrees plus 2 snacks. The calorie intake per day was between 1200 and 1400. The Zone-based eating plan consists of a healthy balance of 40%, 30% and 30% - carbohydrates, lean proteins and good fats

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