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Take a fresh approach to dieting and begin a new and fulfilling weight loss program that is macro-nutrient balanced and designed for people like you. Get 3 meals and 2 snacks daily delivered for free.

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Our Team

  • Zalmi Duchman Founder
  • Bryan Janeczko Chief Executive Officer
  • Silvia De Antonio Chief Culinary Officer
  • Linda Mignone Chief Marketing Officer
  • Asif Syed Chief Operations Officer
  • Vojkan Dimitrijevic Chief Financial Officer
  • Roy Heggland General Counsel & Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Arley Betteridge Hunt Director of Strategic Initiatives

Behind the success of The Fresh Diet, is a devoted team of hard-working individuals. Every one of them is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and best possible experience for their customers. With the combined backgrounds, know-how and natural talent each member brings to the Fresh table, they have built The Fresh Diet into the triumph it is today. Meet the executive officers behind the great green bag.

Executive Officers

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