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Where does The Fresh Diet deliver?

The Fresh Diet currently serves our clients daily in South East & West Florida, Chicago, Indianapolis, The NY Tri-State area, Southern & Northern California, San Francisco, Dallas,Boston, Washington DC, Baltimore, Virginia, Philadelphia and Houston. TFD is proud to announce our expansion into Canada as we now serve Toronto.

What is The Fresh Diet all about?

The Fresh Diet is America's freshest daily diet delivery service bringing a convenient and results-oriented dining experience to your doorstep every single day. We care about each individual client and we know how to exceed customer service expectations. As opposed to the many diet delivery programs that delivery via Fedex each week, The Fresh Diet delivery fresh daily.

How does the Fresh Diet system work?

Each morning you will be greeted with a smile and a delivery of two snacks and three scrumptious meals. The Fresh Diet's new approach to meal deliveries provides clients with balance and quality for every breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack at an affordable price

When will I receive my food?

We deliver anywhere from 7pm to 5am. Your food will be packed in an insulated cooler with ice packs and placed by your front door unless instructed otherwise.

How do I stop delivery for a particular day?

You have two options:
1. Log in to your online account 72 hours prior to the desired date, navigate to the "schedule" page and click on the date of which you want to stop delivery. In the summary tab you can turn off the delivery for the specific date.
2. You can also call us 72 hours prior to the desired date and we will gladly make the changes for you.

Can I do the program 5 days a week?

Yes! All of our programs allow you to use your days as you choose. You can receive your meals however many days a week you like.

How many calories am I consuming per day?

The Fresh Diet is structured around the 40/30/30 concepts and is a balanced way of eating not based on calories. If you are only eating your Fresh Diet meals and at the right times the method is proven for you to lose weight. You are consuming about 1200-1300 calories per day if your are a woman and 1500-1600 calories if you are of the male gender.

How do I reheat my food?

Your meals are conveniently packed in microwave-safe containers. Please place the containers with the lids slightly open in the microwave for about 45 seconds (depending on your microwave).

How do I continue getting meals without any interruptions?

You can either rollover your program online or contact a concierge who will gladly do it for you.

What do I do with my empty bag?

Leave it outside your door and your driver will pick it up when he drops off your new one.

Can I purchase extra cooler bags?

Yes. We sell our Fresh Diet cooler bag for $15. Please contact a Fresh Diet representitive to purchase 1 or more bags. They are great for the park & beach & make a great gift.

What can I do to maximize the program's effectiveness?

We suggest that you do not eat past 8 o'clock besides for eating one of your Fresh Diet snacks, which should be eaten an hour before going to bed. Drink lots of water and limit your caffeine intake. Of course exercising a few times a week is also good for the body and the mind.

What makes TheFreshDiet’s program more effective than all other diets?

Keeping a healthy and balanced diet is the most effective way to maintain a healthy weight. Leave the weight loss and stress behind and just let The Fresh Diet take care of it!

Each Fresh Diet dish contains a balance of 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates, and 30% "good" fat. We do all the work of calorie counting, measuring cups, food scales, preparation, and food shopping so you can enjoy your gourmet meals hassle-free!

What makes The Fresh Diet America’s freshest daily diet delivery service?

Each gourmet meal and snack is created and prepared according to the 40/30/30 principle that balances out low-glycemic carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats. This promotes weight loss, lean body mass, lowered blood sugar levels, higher energy, focus and mental clarity, as well as a decrease in cravings. Frozen, vacuum-packed, and freeze-dried meals are a thing of the past!

Can I afford this program?

Yes you can! On average, people spend approximately $20-$25 each day on food that does not guarantee proper portions, convenience, balanced vitamins and minerals, nutrition, or overall quality. The Fresh Diet provides you with all of those benefits at a comparable daily rate.

How will you deliver if I don’t have a doorman?

By your request, a Fresh Diet delivery professional will be happy to pick up a duplicate key to your building's front door. Our delivery team can then bring your meals right up to your apartment door.

What if I don’t need to lose weight?

People choose to eat The Fresh Diet for many reasons including weight maintenance, health improvement and weight loss. If you do not need to lose weight, you can enjoy all the benefits of The Fresh Diet just like any of our other clients. Experience increased energy, mental clarity and focus, convenience, and overall health improvement.

How long before I can expect results?

Many Fresh Diet clients have reported feeling more energetic and having less food cravings within the first five days of the program. Some have lost up to 4 pounds in the first week. The first block of weight to be lost typically consists of body fat, water weight, or both combined. It is important to remember that the main focus of this program is reducing body fat and maintaining overall health. When your clothes begin to fit more loosely in the second week of the program you will know you're on the right track!

Do you have a referral program?

Yes we do! The Fresh Diet offers its clients one free day for referring a client on current programs for referring friends, acquaintances, and family for the 31-day full priced program. To guarantee that your personal account will receive the proper credit for these referrals, your friend or family member must mention your name to us before their program begins.

What if I have high cholesterol?

Cholesterol has been put down throughout the years as being especially evil. The truth is that cholesterol is only damaging when the soft waxy substance becomes thick and builds a hard coating on the arterial walls causing heart complications and disease. The Fresh Diet creates balanced meals that steer clear of cholesterol-hardening carbohydrates thereby helping you lose weight and decrease unhealthy cholesterol levels.

Can The Fresh Diet help diabetes?

The Fresh Diet Program is not only a weight maintenance program, but an overall health and wellness program. It is an excellent solution for people who suffer from Type II diabetes. The number of Americans suffering from Type II diabetes and other conditions such as hypertension, high triglycerides and low HDL's is sky-rocketing. The Fresh Diet is the only program that targets the correction of insulin levels. People that suffer from Type I diabetes also find The Fresh Diet program beneficial. We encourage you to consult with your doctor to see if this program is suitable for you.

What if I am pregnant or nursing?

Doctors usually recommend that nursing mothers and pregnant women maintain a well balanced diet and that they eat approximately 25%-30% more than usual. The Fresh Diet will make any adjustments to eliminate gassy or difficult to digest foods from your program while you are nursing or pregnant. Speak to your Personal Concierge about making the necessary arrangements.

Can I drink alcohol?

This is your diet decision. Alcohol is derived from grains that are full of high-sugared carbohydrates and can therefore increase your insulin levels and deflate your weight-loss efforts. A 4 oz. glass of wine or a 1.5 oz shot of liquor represents one block of carbohydrates. If you consume 4 blocks (36-40 grams) of carbohydrates at a meal, you would need to eat one block less for each drink. Research results regarding alcohol and diet vary. Some studies show that alcohol can cause aging, breast cancer, and can be toxic to our cells. Other tests show alcohol to be beneficial to the heart and general health. We recommend that you always drink in moderation and treat your body right

What attitude should I have towards food?

Think of food as your prescription for feeling healthy. It is important to take medicine at the right time each day. Set a date with your food and plan accordingly. A nutritious Fresh Diet meal should keep you energized for 4-5 hours before hunger cravings return. A snack will be able to hold your cravings off for about 2 hours. When you don't feel hungry, your body is beginning to lose body F.A.T. - frustration, anxiety and tension! Keep at it!

Should I eat three meals and two snacks even if I am not hungry?

Yes! Because of the adjustments to your eating habits, missing meals or snacks may confuse your body and cause you to crave food at odd times. Having a suppressed appetite is a good sign as it shows that you are losing body fat and efficiently utilizing your daily calories"

Should I eat before working out?

Definitely! If you eat a Fresh Diet snack 30 minutes before heading to the gym, you are guaranteeing increased energy and the hormonal benefits of being on The Fresh Diet. Cardio and aerobic exercise will reduce your body's insulin levels resulting in a thinner and trimmer you! Muscles work harder than fat. If the number on the scale isn't moving, do not fret! The Fresh Diet recommends some form of exercise while on the program to increase weight loss results. Avoid any injuries by starting slow and easy and gradually building up the workout regimen.

Isn’t having 30% fat in my diet too much?

One of the biggest medical myths of our time is that all fatty foods are destructive to our health. The fact is that hydrogenated and saturated fats are considered "bad fats," while monounsaturated fats are considered "good fats" and are beneficial to our overall health. Good fat can slow down the entry of carbohydrates entering the blood stream and maintain your hormones so you know when to stop eating. The Fresh Diet provides you with the right amount of good fat in each meal. A fat-free diet is not the solution to weight loss and fat-free products tend to have high amounts of sugar.

Is it okay to eat rice, bagels, or pasta?

Of course it is! The Fresh Diet does not believe in deprivation so we do not exclude any type of food from your program. We do recommend choosing carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables over crackers, chips, and breads as they are full of energy-increasing minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. Carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, and bagels have more sugar in them than fruits and vegetables so when choosing grain based foods try to eat only small portions.

What can I drink?

Water! Agua! H2O! The Fresh Diet believes in water hydration as the very best choice for thirst-quenching. When you begin to burn fat on this diet you may at times become dehydrated. Sometimes people suffer constipation if they do not drink enough water. Avoid drinking sodas, juices, and other sugar-filled liquids. You can wean yourself off juices by drinking sparkling or flavored water. You can retrain your taste buds to crave water the same way you reprogram the way you view food.

Should I drink milk for beneficial calcium?

What is good for a 300 lb calf may not be as good for humans! A large portion of the population is lactose-intolerant making it extremely difficult to digest milk and milk-based products. Milk is therefore an impractical source of calcium for regular heartbeat maintenance, nerve impulse transmission, and strong teeth and bones. You can find calcium in leafy green vegetables, and The Fresh Diet will make sure you are provided with this helpful mineral in your meals.

What if I am on medication?

Consult with your doctor before making any drastic changes to your diet. You may be advised to lower dosages of medications to aid in your weight-loss programs. Some medicines can increase your body's insulin levels and void your weight-loss program entirely. We recommend that you never make any changes in your diet or medicines without speaking to your doctor beforehand.

Will I gain weight back once I complete the program?

The Fresh Diet recognizes that the majority of yo-yo diets on the market cause people to gain even more than they lost once they stop dieting. The Fresh Diet is a complete lifestyle program that can help you reprogram the way you eat and transform the way you look at food. Food will become your friend instead of your enemy. We encourage Fresh Diet clients to notice the meal portions and food groups that are delivered each day. Once you are off the program, use the "eyeball method" to choose your food wisely.

What if I am going out of town & want the delivery to a different address?

Please call us for all address changes. If we deliver to the area you are traveling to we can deliver to you while you are on the road.

I am on the Premium Choice but I did not choose my meals for the day, will I still get a delivery?

Yes, our Chefs will choose each meal for you based on your food profile if you haven't chosen your meals within 72 hours of your scheduled day. You can turn off any day yourself via your meal selection calendar.

Are there ever times that The Fresh Diet might not be able to deliver my meals?

The Fresh Diet’s goal is to deliver the freshest prepared gourmet meals daily to your home. To accomplish this we have developed a meal preparation and driver delivery service that is highly sophisticated. We have a very strong, dedicated management team and drivers who are extremely committed to your health and well-being. Most of the time, our delivery operation runs smoothly. However, there are rare occurrences during extreme weather conditions such as snow storms, blizzards, hurricanes and tropical storms when your delivery may not be possible. In emergency weather conditions, we will do everything possible to reach you with your meals. Our drivers go out to deliver in all but the most extreme weather conditions. At some point, we might have to make the decision not to put our drivers in harm’s way. Whenever an extreme weather situation occurs and we need to change or modify our deliveries, you will receive notification from us via email, and oftentimes you will also receive a phone call. In addition, our Facebook page is regularly ( updated with pertinent information for our clients- so make sure to “LIKE US” on Facebook and stay updated with the most current Fresh Diet information. In the near future we will be able to communicate with you via text messaging (opt-in will be required). In preparation for extreme weather conditions, we strongly recommend that you keep extra food in your house in case we are not able to reach you. It is likely that you never will have to use it, but please keep extra canned or frozen food in your home just in case.

What is the best way to keep my Fresh Diet meals cool?

The Fresh Diet is committed to keeping your meals cool by using additional ice packs as needed during hot summer months. Nonetheless, we suggest that you bring your cooler bag in by 8 a.m. each day and refrigerate your meals immediately. This is especially the case in the during hot summer months or in areas with very warm climates. After refrigerating your food, please place your cooler, with its ice packs included, outside of your door. Your driver will then pick your cooler up when they deliver your meals that night.

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